“Jardins du monde en mouvement” - Cité Universitaire internationale, Paris, France. 
Projet Lauréat - La voix des pierres et des plantes.
06/05/21 - 04/11/21


 En - The Collective Future-Sculpture is composed by landscape architects Clémence Mathieu and Jean-Alfredo Albert, artist Audrey Carmes and designer Clara Le Meur. They composed a sound landscape called “ The voice of rocks and plants”. This set is made of three acoustic and electronic sound amplification sculptures and is exhibited in the gardens of International Campus of Paris until November 2021. The first sculpture called “Eau” is a rainwater collection basin amplifying the sound of rain drops. The second one, “vent”, is a listening cone inviting to focus attention of the wriggling plants in the wind. The last one, “Trou”, is making us hear the voice of rocks.
Fr - Clémence Mathieu et Jean-Alfredo Albert, paysagistes, Audrey Carmes, artiste et Clara Le Meur, designer, forment le collectif Future-sculpture. Ils ont composé un paysage sonore, “La voix des pierres et des plantes”. Cet ensemble de trois dispositifs d’amplification sonore acoustique et électronique est exposée dans les jardins de la cité universitaire internationale de Paris jusqu’en Novembre 2021. Le premier dispositif nommé “Eau” est un bassin de recueil des eaux de pluie qui amplifie le son des gouttes. Le second, “Trou”, est une sculpture qui nous fait entendre la voix des pierres. Le dernier, “Vent”, est un cône d’écoute invitant à porter une attention sur le frétillement des plantes au gré du vent.

Cette année, pour la 4e édition de Jardins du monde en mouvement, le parc de la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris accueille des installations paysagères éphémères qui vous feront voyager à travers trois continents : l’Amérique du Sud, l’Europe et l’Asie. Du 6 mai prochain au 4 novembre, vous pourrez déambuler dans le parc et les jardins pour y découvrir cinq créations originales, conçues par de jeunes paysagistes et architectes.

Materiaux : Métal - foin - terre - Chaux - cire
Conseils et inspiration matière : Camille Brabant > https://www.instagram.com/cambis.cambis/
photos credits : ©Nicolas Castets

Dutch Design Week - online edition

It was the first time that DDW took place completely virtually.
No physical exhibitions in Eindhoven, but all online. Over 1,500 (inter)national designers took part and exhibited their work.
In 3D Viewing Rooms, on DDW TV, in videos, articles and talks.

Prohect Exhibited ; https://ddw.nl/en/programme/4582/valuable-gesture-factory

𝗖 𝗧 duoshow at in.plano, Paris, France.
At the Artist runspace In.plano, September 25-30, 2020.
62 avenue Jean Jaurès, 93450 L’Île-Saint-Denis.

𝗖 𝗧 is an exhibition by Clara Le Meur and Loris Humeau.
Clara Le Meur graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019. She presents fragments of her project "SLOW RESPONSE CODE" which she developed and recomposed for this exhibition. These glass pieces are interfaces which unfold within a space to connect two dimensions through a solar temporality.
Loris Humeau graduated from EESAB Quimper in 2018. His work is linked to the text and its deployment. It is shaped by description and its formal embodiment, by the perception of the exhibition space as a reading space.

𝗖 𝗧 is the beginning of a movie, its development, a scenario that can be read from the middle, bribes of scenes, its abstract decor. Its illuminated surfaces are paths to a digital universe, a visual phase shift where shadow constantly reverses the light that produced it. The transparent shapes have been melted down, they project interfaces whose reading confronts the temporal possibilities of analog and digital. They encounter a story of escaping where the characters are luminous or sound entities.

Graphic Design : Clara Le Meur

Kazerne Design Award Show, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
In Kazerne, 24/08/2020 > Summer 2021
Paradijslaan 8, 5611 KN Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Kazerne Design Award is a prize meant to encourage recently graduated students from Design Academy Eindhoven.
The jury grants the lucky winner with eternal fame and 5000 euro. To get started. Sponsored by Stichting Loyola.
With pride we present the 10 Design Academy Alumni that are nominated for the first edition of the Kazerne Design Award: Yarden Colsey, Pauline Esparon, Shaakira Jassat, Fides Lapidaire, Romain Laval, Clara le Meur, Leo Orta, Mies Raadgever, Federico Rosa and Lucas Zito. Click here for more information about the nominees and their work: http://www.kazerne.com/en/kda2020/

Project short presentation on the day of the event : VALUABLE GESTURE FACTORY
Pictture of the exhibited project : Valuable Gesture Factory 


BAʿAL-PƏ[Ġ]ʿŌR, collective exhibition at la Maison Fraternelle, Paris, France.
Opening on the 6th of March 2020 at 18:00, visible until the 8th of March.
37 rue Tournefort 75005 Paris

with Audrey Carmes @applaisesilvous and Gajeb (Guillaume Le Maou) for the collective exhibition BAʿAL-PƏ[Ġ]ʿŌR @folle_beton last February.
Music Performance using several home made music instruments among which ceramic and pipes flute, as well as glass pieces part of the  SLOW RESPONSE CODE serie.

Curated by @maureen_beg @raphglt @raphaelmassart and @brieuc.schieb
Graphic design: Chloé Cordiale

DAE Graduation Show, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Campina, Oct 19-27, 2019

“The Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation show is one the the world’s most influential exhibition of work by new designers.
Stages annually in Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week, it allows both Bachelor and Master students to present their final projects to thousands of visitors in a curated environment.

Bringing together work by over 180 graduates, the show reveals potential new futures, offers critiques on our current reality and engages with complex ideas about what design is, what it does and what it should do. It is both a celebration of the students and an opportunity for the school and its graduates to engage with the wider world, inviting the design community and members of the public to visit and engage with the work on display. Due to its scale and the quality and complexity of many of the projects presented, the exhibition rewards multiple visits. Over the decades, it has proven a rich resource for journalists and manufacturers hunting for new talent, as well as trend forecasters and design industry professionals, who view the exhibition as a unique opportunity to engage with new ideas. It is also an opportunity for prospective students to speak to graduates and understand more about DAE’s approach to design education.

In 2019, Grima introduced a new curatorial structure for the exhibition, with projects gathered around themes, replacing the old system which saw work arranged under the title of each BA and MA programme.”