Despite feeling we can monitor and control most of reality through technology,
as humans on planet earth, we remain part of natural cycles.  
Slow response code is an analogue interface between the physical and digital world               
allowing the earth's rotation to take control over technology.

Taking inspiration from sundials, the design consists of a series of glass pieces
which project a unique pattern on the floor when sunlight shines through them.
This pattern is used as an equivalent to QR code giving access to online content, when scanned.
As a result the content is only accessible at a certain time and specific location,
bringing back the rules of the natural world within the digital area.

Imagine your favorite band is releasing a new song.
In order to access it, you need to get a small Slow Response Code Piece,
walk 5km to go on the top of the mountain nearby your city,
place the piece on a specific point, the 11th of November and wait until 11h11.
Only then you will be able to scan the correct signal with your phone.
If there is too much clouds at this time, you will not access to the song.
That is the magic aspect of this technology.

Glass pieces realised in collaboration with Marc Barreda.


graduation project - @designAcademyEIndhoven   
                               photos credits : Angéline Berh /Femke Reijerman